Tribella 3 in 1 Facial skin treatment in Miami

Tribella 3 in 1 facial skin treatment is an exclusive skin treatment that has won the hearts of patients around the world.

Tribella is a comprehensive approach to facial skin care. It includes a fusion of the 3 best treatments for skin rejuvenation and treatment:

1. IPL Photorejuvenation
2. RF lifting (radio frequency skin tightening)
3. Skin resurfacing Venus Versa

Tribella is a favorite routine of Hollywood actors and musicians. Star Dermatologist Dr. James Emer puts the Tribella procedure on a par with a cosmetic surgery.

Experience all the delightful skin transformations with Borsalo Med Spa aesthetic medicine Hallandale beach Miami.


Venus Versa TriBella technology brings together the best non-surgical facial treatments to achieve 100% results.

The complex of non-invasive procedures has a comprehensive effect on all layers of the dermis.

Active lifting tightens the skin, restores synthesis collagen and elastin. Removes wrinkles and creases. Face again looks firm and fit.

Thorough resurfacing of the facial skin removes pigmentation, removes acne scars. The absence of dead cells stimulates restoration and renewal of healthy cells.

Photorejuvenation restores tone and a healthy complexion, accelerates recovery processes.

  • Wrinkles
  • Ptosis
  • The first signs of aging
  • Acne
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scars
Tribella 3 в 1

The essence of the procedure

Complex skin treatment, consisting of a combination of different techniques, gives a quick and effective result. Each technique solves several tasks for correcting imperfections.

1. IPL
Intense pulsating light penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis. 550-1200nm light beams react with melanin, removing pigmentation. Wrinkles become 60% less noticeable after 1 procedures.

2. Diamond Polar
The Venus Versa Diamond Polar Applicator delivers powerful RF action on the epidermis. RF lifting removes scars, corrects natural ptosis.

Fractional lifting effectively removes deep wrinkles and folds. A non-surgical face lift is achieved by improving satiety oxygenation of cells and tissue repair.

3. Venus Versa Viva
Nanofractional skin resurfacing quickly and easily removes acne, rosacea and has a rejuvenating effect. Deep cleansing of the skin and tissue restoration is made possible by small pins in nozzle.

Radiofrequency resurfacing smoothes the surface of the epidermis, improves face tone and tightens pores.
Tribella 3 in 1 benefits

  • 1 treatment for visible effect
  • 90 minutes average time of procedure
  • 100% efficacy is achieved after a 3 in 1 treatment course

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Oncology
  • Diabetes
  • Viral and infectious processes
  • Skin diseases
    Before each procedure, we recommend to consultat with an esthetician. This is necessary to identify your individual needs and possible contraindications.
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