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Вакуумно-роликовый массаж

Vacuum Roller Massage

Vacuum roller massage in Miami

Bionexis Zemits vacuum roller massage - the ideal way to the body of your dream.

What girl doesn't dream of a slim and fit body? But not every can afford to waste precious time on daily workouts in the gym and classes with a coach.

Vacuum roller massage in the X Beauty aesthetic medicine salon Miami is a guarantee of the result and quality of each procedure.

  • Excess weight
  • Stretch marks
  • Localized fat deposits
  • Scars
  • Rehabilitation after plastic surgery
  • Weak muscles
Вакуумно-роликовый массаж

Vacuum roller massage

The main goal of any professional massage is body correction and excess weight. The vacuum roller massage has a multifunctional effect:

  1. Skin tightening. After 3-4 body massage sessions you will feel how much your skin has changed. The tone increases, the relief is smoothed out. Skin looks tighter and more elastic.
  2. Removal of stretch marks. Thanks to intensive lymphatic drainage effect improves blood microcirculation, improves tissue regeneration. Stretch marks on the body become paler and less pronounced.
  3. Strengthening the muscles. Complete course of vacuum roller massage strengthens muscles, relieves back and neck pain. This massage is indicated for athletes and people with sedentary work very often.
  4. Recovery after operations. Plastic surgery or surgical intervention often requires competent rehabilitation. Vacuum roller massage is ideal as the best tool of recovery.
  5. Removal of cellulite without surgery. Vacuum massage with rollers perfectly corrects and removes fatty deposits. Get rid of excess weight without surgery will help precisely vacuum massage.
The most common problem that patients have - is cellulite.
    What is cellulite?
    The main cause of cellulite is lymphostasis.
    The intercellular fluid presses on the vessels, blood circulation is impaired, metabolic processes slow down. Cellulite is formed when toxins and excess trace elements remain in the body.

    Bionexis Zemits

    Innovative apparatus for vacuum roller massage Bionexis Zemits will become a better alternative to plastic surgery. It combines 5 unique techniques for high results

    Each of this 5 techniques improves metabolism, tissue oxygenation and start tissue repair processes. Work is normalized connective tissue and cellulite is effectively treated.

    The essence of the procedure

    1. Radio Fragrance skin lifting - warms up fat deposits on depth of 1.5 cm.
    2. Negative pressure during vacuum roller massage helps to relieve swelling.
    3. The mechanical roller breaks up the fat deposits.
    4. LED light stimulates cells, preventing skin sagging.
    5. Infrared radiation improves cell oxygenation.

    The benefits of vacuum massage

    • Non-surgical lifting and skin tightening
    • No pain or discomfort
    • Individual approach to each patient Long-term effect
    • Only 3 treatments for visible results

    • Pregnancy
    • Lactation
    • Oncology
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Infections
    • Viral diseases
      The health of our patients is important to us. We recommend to consult with specialist before procedure to identify possible and individual contraindications.
      Aesthetic medicine salon X Beauty Miami - body correction protocol, which is right for you.

      Vacuum roller massage - indulge body of your dream today!

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