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Laser Hair Removal


IPL laser hair removal. The essence of the method, indications and contraindications

IPL laser hair removal is an innovative technology for removing hair from any part of the body.

It's based on the properties of broadband light to penetrate the skin and have a selective effect on the treated area. The point of application is the hair pigment - melanin. As a result of light action, the production of collagen is also stimulated.

IPL laser hair removal is one of the safest and painless methods of hair removal. This is due to the short-term effect of light flux on the skin and individual selection of power and duration of irradiation, taking into account the phototype of the skin and its sensitivity.

IPL laser hair removal is one of the safest and painless methods of hair removal. This is due to the short-term effect of light flux on the skin and individual selection of power and duration of irradiation, taking into account the phototype of the skin and its sensitivity.
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What is IPL laser hair removal?

This method of photoepilation is based on the use of IPL-apparatus. In them, the light source is a flash sopple, which generates high-intensity incoherent light radiation with a wavelength in the range of 500-1200 nm.

During the procedure, the energy of the light wave is absorbed by the hair pigment melanin. It's able to absorb pulsating light. After that, the light energy is transformed into heat, the hair follicle is heated and the vascular pipus that nourishes the hair is destroyed. As a result, IPL hair removal leads to the irreversible destruction of the hair follicle by light. Hair removal doesn't occur immediately, but over a period of time - about 5-7 days. The area of the hair follicle is gradually filled with connective tissue.

History of the procedure of IPL laser hair removal

IPL photoepilation was first proposed by Swedish physician and engineer Morgan Gustavsson at the annual dermatologists' congress in Stockholm. After 5 years, Lumenis Ltd. a patent for the technology was issued, after which serial production of photoepilation devices began. In 2000, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recognized IPL as an effective laser hair removal technology. A year later, it began to be used for photorejuvenation. Soon the method was also used to remove pigment and vascular spots.

The principle of IPL laser hair removal

As a result of the absorption of light energy in the tissues, various reactions are triggered, the main place among which is thermal. After absorbing a large amount of energy, the tissues are heated to a temperature at which their destruction begins, or thermolysis. At IPL photoepilation this process is started as a result of influence of energy of light therefore it is called photothermolysis. Light of different wavelengths is absorbed differently by tissues depending on their color, so the effectiveness of photoepilation is largely determined by the presence in the hair and follicles of the dark pigment melanin and the correct selection of light wave parameters.

When IPL-epilation is used mainly waves of such length that is optimally absorbed by melanin and minimally - other pigments present in the skin. Photothermolysis of the hair follicle with the least damage to other tissues is called selective.

In cases where, under the influence of selective thermolysis, all the cells of the hair follicle responsible for hair growth die, hair growth stops. If the follicle is simply damaged, the hair growth cycle is disrupted, its thickness and degree of pigmentation are reduced, but it continues to grow.

Solving the problem of selectivity

Melanin is found not only in hair and hair follicles, but also in the skin, light waves are absorbed, including by the skin. Cells that contain melanin are located closer to the surface than follicles, so under the influence of light they are damaged in the first place.

Due to this effect, laser hair removal methods are best suited for light skin tones and dark hair. Removing blonde hair on dark skin is quite problematic. For some types of photoepilation, this factor is a contraindication.

IPL laser hair removal and laser hair removal: what's the difference?

In both cases, the active factor is the energy of the light wave. In the initial period of development of photoepilation only laser radiation was used. But due to the fact that some properties of the laser beam, such as monochromaticity, coherence, do not play a significant role in hair removal, began the development of IPL-systems, which essentially became a more affordable and cheaper option for photoepilation.

The main difference between laser and IPL laser hair removal:

Laser radiation is monochromatic(the waves are the same length). The angle of their divergence is also insignificant.

IPL systems are based on you using the polychromatic spectrum of light radiation. Directed effect on specific pigments is achieved by means of filters that narrow the spectrum of light emitted.

The laser gives a light spot with a diameter of up to 1 cm2. The small area of influence is convenient when processing small sites of skin and uneven surfaces.

At IPL-epilation the light spot has a diameter from 2 to 20 cm2 that considerably accelerates procedure of removal of hair and reduces its price.

Removal of melanin-free gray hair is not possible with IPL. Therefore it is necessary to resort to a laser technique (using ELOS) or electroepilation.

As for the pain of the procedure, in this regard, both methods are almost equivalent.To reduce pain in modern devices, a local cooling system is used.

Types of hair removal treatments for woman

Today, all methods of depilation and hair removal can be conditionally divided into two types - with a short-term and long-term effect. The first type includes:

  • Shaving;
  • Plucking with tweezers, thread, epilator;
  • Depilatory creams;
  • Bioepilation.

The second type involves the complete removal of the hair, including the follicles. Therefore, the following methods of hardware cosmetology are used:

  • IPL laser hair removal - photoepilation;
  • Laser hair removal;
  • Electrolysis;
  • QOOL Epilation
  • ELOS hair removal;
Many women are not satisfied with such a short-term effect (after shaving, for example, bristles may appear the very next day). Therefore, hardware cosmetology is becoming more and more popular.

We will compare the two most popular types of hair removal.

What type of hair removal should you choose?

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of epilation options, so we can say with complete confidence that everyone can find the most suitable option for themselves. But before dwelling on a particular technique, you should visit a cosmetologist for a consultation.

It is necessary to clarify with a specialist:

  • Existing types of contraindications for various hair removal technologies;
  • What type of hair removal is best for your skin;
  • Stages of preparation and procedure.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the specialist who will carry out the procedure: does he have the necessary training, how much work in this direction, is there any feedback from his patients.

In conclusion, we remind you that regardless of the choice of hair removal method, the procedure itself pursues two interrelated goals to make the skin smooth without any damage. Therefore, do not spare the time to study the documents of clinics, beauty salons and specialists offering epilation services.

We take care about your beauty and health. Therefore, we recommend that you consult a qualified specialist Anton Borsalo to determine individual contraindications.
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Why choose us

At the center of aesthetic medicine "X Beauty Miami" IPL laser hair removal is performed on an exclusive device of the latest generation from the USA - Venus Versa

Venus Versa. A little about the device that we use in working with patients

Smart PulseTM technology delivers energy to your target location with an accurate and consistent flow.

Smart PulseTM technology maintains optimal energy and wavelength with every pulse.

High clinical efficiency due to precisely directed energy flow.

Unrivaled performance combined with innovative design makes Venus Versa extremely practical for aesthetic treatments. Venus Versa produces 1.5 times more energy than competing devices in the 515-600nm and 650-820nm ranges.

Innovative continuous cooling system

The innovative patent-pending cooling system checks the applicator temperature 1000 times per second for unmatched comfort and safety. Avoiding the need to spend time on cooling improves the productivity of the treatment.

Constant cooling system

The Venus Versa is the result of decades of research into therapies using electromagnetic equipment. This high-tech equipment provides an extremely comfortable and effective solution for patients.

Laser hair removal: pros ➕ and cons ➖

This type of hair removal involves the action of a laser beam on the hair shaft, during which the cells are heated and the hair follicle is destroyed.
It has the following advantages:

  • Painlessness;
  • The effect can last up to 6 years;
  • The session itself takes a little time.

The disadvantages of laser hair removal are:

  • Possible allergic reactions;
  • It is necessary to carry out a series of procedures to achieve the effect;
  • Restrictions after the procedure;
  • High price.
It's important to keep in mind that laser systems are also subdivided into different types. Each of them can be recommended depending on the characteristics of the hairline.

The diode laser is suitable for those who suffer from excessive hair growth or have coarse hair. The procedures make the hairs softer and more invisible, and then they completely disappear. And in general, it is possible to use diode laser hair removal for any type of hair.

Alexandrite laser is recommended for light and red hair and is also suitable for people with a high level of skin sensitivity.

Neodymium laser is suitable for dark hair on dark or tanned skin.

Ruby laser is more focused on dark hair on light skin.

Advantages of the method of IPL laser hair removal

  • As a rule, in most cases, a noticeable result comes after 6-10 procedure.
  • In the case of restoration of hair growth, it becomes much thinner and lighter.
  • Proper execution of the procedure guarantees its absolute safety.
  • IPL-systems allow to process large areas: legs, back.
  • Indication
  • Photoepilation is performed in the presence of unwanted hair on the face, armpits, legs, arms, bikini area. It's also prescribed for the removal of vascular asterisks, pigment spots, as well as for photorejuvenation. The procedure is also indicated for men - for example, with increased hair growth on the chest and back.


  • Before the session, you should remove hair with a razor. At the time of the procedure, the hair length should be no more than 2-3 mm. It's not necessary to shave off the vellus hair.

  • Do not sunbathe or visit the solarium 2-3 weeks before the procedure;

  • Do not pull out the hair on the epilated area 2 weeks before the procedure;

  • Do not wipe the epilated skin area with alcohol-containing products 3 days before the procedure;

1 session laser hair removal

The modern method of getting rid of hair doesn't imply a long recovery period. The main thing is to provide the epidermis with proper care in order to avoid negative consequences and choose a good master and salon Xbeauty Miami. Be sure to listen to the recommendations of the specialist and avoid serious stress.

There is a popular misconception that after the first session of IPL laser hair removal, the hair immediately disappears, and the skin becomes perfectly smooth. We want to tell you what actually happens after the first procedure. This knowledge will help you not to be disappointed when you see the first result, and will definitely come to us for the entire course.

After the first session, you will not get perfectly smooth skin, but the results will still be noticeable:

- You will see slight redness. This means that the hairs have heated up, and the destructive process has already begun.

- Some hairs will fall out immediately, others within two weeks after the first treatment. It depends on the saturation of the hair color and your skin color. The more pigment in it, the faster they will fall out.

-After the first IPL laser hair removal, as a rule 15-40% of hairs will fall out.

How to take care of my skin after 1 session laser hair removal?

When the procedure is over

  • If there is discomfort, heat - the treated area of the body must be cooled as much as possible. This will relieve pain and reduce the level of puffiness. Regular ice will do. Wrap the cubes with a towel or napkin and gently apply to the area.
  • In the first hours after manipulation, protect the body from ultraviolet radiation. Do not go out into the bright sun, be sure to use clothing that covers the treated areas. For the face, do not use powder, toning creams to hide redness. They will go away on their own and cosmetics can clog your pores.
  • Do not rub your skin unnecessarily. Apply makeup if necessary - do it very delicately. The composition with natural antiseptics, soothing ingredients is applied in a thin layer, does not rub in.
  • When small crusts form on the epidermis, it is forbidden to rip them off. Maintain a high level of skin hydration by using non-aggressive, chemical-free ointments.
  • Do not shave off your hairs immediately after the procedure. The blade can cause irritation, small rashes. The penetration of infection through the pores will lead to the appearance of boils.
  • For severe pain (if you have hypersensitive skin), it is permissible to take pain relievers.
  • An important nuance - you should not subject your skin to epilation during menstruation and 2-3 days before it starts. During this period, sensitivity increases, pain sensations will become stronger.


On the first day after the manipulation, you should avoid stress, limit active sports, visit the gym. Avoid jogging if there is a risk of getting an extra tan. You should not provoke strong sweating, otherwise the risk of infection of the pores increases. Refuse to take a bath, shower, do not even wet your skin.

The next day - water procedures are permissible, but only with warm water. No washcloths, aggressive scrubs, solid soap that dries out the epidermis. Give preference to light natural gels, foams. Physical activity is still prohibited. After 48 hours, you can already use perfumes and deodorants without alcohol, parabens.

After 3 days - do not go to the chlorinated pool. Avoid clothing made from rough fabrics that cause strong friction. Sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi are prohibited.

After 1 week, it is already permissible to visit the beach, however, you must continue to use UV protection products. You should not pluck the hairs with tweezers, it is permissible to use a razor.

After 2 weeks - the treated area of the body gets rid of hair, the skin becomes smooth. If vegetation is poorly removed from the pores, a gentle scrub without chemical components will help. You can use sugar, coffee composition for the procedure. Movements should not be sharp, it is contraindicated to press too hard on the epidermis.

To avoid burns after epilation, it is worth using high-quality sunscreen (at least 30, in summer - 50) for another three weeks.
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After the epilation procedure

You need to take care of the epidermis, but don't forget about the following points:

  1. Immediately after manipulation and for another 1-2 weeks, you should not take infusions from different herbs - there is a risk of complications.

  2. Refuse therapy that involves taking medications that have a pronounced photosensitizing effect. The risk of burns will increase.

  3. It is unacceptable to visit a solarium, photo booths, use a lamp to warm up fabrics.

  4. Refuse massage - in the first days after epilation, the epidermis becomes sensitive. You should not visit beauty salons for the purpose of deep peeling, warming procedures, body wraps, etc.

  5. Use a soothing ointment. When choosing a composition, make sure that its texture is as light as possible. Too greasy ointments can clog pores - the risk of a small rash.

  6. Important - when purchasing creams after IPL hair removal, make sure that they do not contain glycolic acid and retinol. The active substances are contraindicated for the skin that has undergone the procedure.

  7. Choose your sunscreen carefully. The best option is titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. The components are recognized as the best UV filters. Do not forget to "renew" the cream every 2-3 hours of sun exposure.

We take care of different parts of the body

IPL hair removal is a gentle method of getting rid of vegetation, but it also requires proper skin care, which depends on the treated area.

Face - be sure to apply a cream that protects from the sun every time you leave the house. Pay attention to moisturizing the epidermis, the formulations can be applied several times a day. Refuse aggressive peeling, scrubs, overdrying cosmetic masks, deep facial cleansing. Traumatic manipulations reduce the protective functions of the epidermis. Do not use products enriched with alcohol, chemical components, fragrances and preservatives. Replace soap with foams, gels, natural lotions for washing.

Arms, legs, abdomen, back - after the procedure, you should not wear too tight things. They will create additional pressure on the treated area. Painful sensations may occur. Choose loose fit and soft fabrics. Let it be made from natural materials that do not cause allergies. Make sure your body is protected from the sun as much as possible.

Armpits - Schedule your treatment early in the morning to avoid using deodorants. Immediately after the manipulation, do not apply any cosmetics, it is permissible after 3-4 hours. Do not pull out the hairs, so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the course.

Bikini area - choose natural underwear to avoid chafing. It is not necessary to wet the epidermis immediately. For the next 10-14 days, reduce water treatments to 3-10 minutes. It is not permissible to overheat the treated area.

Proper care of the epidermis after 1 session IPL hair removal is a guarantee that the skin will recover quickly and the risk of side effects will be minimized.


The course of photoepilation procedures for each person is individual and on average ranges from 4 to 8 procedures.


2nd procedure after 4-6 weeks

3rd procedure after 6-8 weeks

4th procedure after 8-10 weeks at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

Areas where IPL hair removal is performed

  • Above the upper lip
  • The chin
  • Armpits
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Hands
  • Lower abdomen
  • Bikini area
  • Shins
  • Femoral part

How long does IPL laser hair removal results last?

Frankly speaking, today professional cosmetology does not have 100% effective and painless methods of hair removal forever. However, IPL laser hair removal comes close to solving this problem.

The result of smoothness after 6 sessions of laser hair removal will last for several months, depending on the properties of your hair, then you can undergo single maintenance procedures. It is important to note here that the hair should become smaller, it will be much thinner, lighter and thinner. Simply put, laser hair removal leads to the transformation of hair into vellus, which is called the permanent effect of hair removal. In parallel with this, you can solve the problem of growing hairs and skin irritation.

IPL Laser hair removal: how many sessions do you need and why? Laser hair removal after 6 sessions

Laser hair removal works better for some people than for others, because hair regenerates differently for different people. As a rule, in most cases, a noticeable result occurs after six courses of hair removal. But after just three treatments, a piece of of your hair should disappear forever.

For example, laser hair removal on legs may require three to six treatments. As a rule, in most cases, a noticeable result occurs afterSimilar results can be expected for the arms, armpits, and bikinis. How many IPL laser hair removal sessions do you need for a deep bikini? As a rule, in most cases, a noticeable result occurs after 6-8 sessions. But if you have been using the razor for a long time, additional procedures may be required, as in this case the hairs often become thick and grow very densely.

Is IPL Hair Removal Painful?

Hair removal with the IPL method is a safe, quick and gentle way. Although some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, many patients experience only little or no tingling. Usually no pain relievers are required.

What are the recommendations after hair removal with the IPL method?

After the procedure, the skin may slightly redden or itch. These phenomena will disappear in 1-2 days.

After hair removal with the IPL method, it is recommended:

  • don't sunbathe in the sun or in a solarium for about two days;
  • avoid staying in the sauna, baths and other hot procedures for 1-2 days;
  • don't take hot showers;
  • do not scratch, rub, or injure the skin;
  • avoid swimming, sports activities, during which the treated skin can be injured or an infection is introduced;
  • don't use any cosmetics for 24 hours after the procedure.

Is this method suitable for everyone?

After the procedure skin can be slightly reddened or itchy.
These effects disappear within 1 to 2 days.
The unique properties of IPL make it possible to work with different types of skin and hair.

The cosmetic specialist in Xbeauty Miami will individually draw up a schedule for hair removal using the IPL system. During the consultation, cosmetologist will advise and tell you whether this method is the most suitable for you and will select the most effective combination of treatment.

What do you need to know?

  • The procedure can be performed on tanned skin, but not earlier than two weeks after sunbathing.
  • For two weeks after photoepilation, it is necessary to protect the skin daily by applying sunscreen, and also not to visit the solarium and do not use self-tanning creams (there is a risk of pigmentation).
  • Hair should not be pulled out. If you have removed your hair with wax or an epilator, photoepilation procedures can only be started after 4 weeks.
  • Hair can be shaved off. The day before the procedure or immediately before it, it is necessary to shave off the hair from the area to be treated. In the intervals between the course of procedures, the same rule applies - the hair can only be shaved off.
  • The area to be treated must be free of tattoos
  • The procedure is not performed during pregnancy and is not recommended during lactation.

IPL-epilation is prescribed for medical reasons. The main ones are:

  • Hypertrichosis - intense hair growth on the body;

  • Hirsutism - hair growth in women of the male type due to excessive levels of male hormones in the body;

  • Hypersensitivity of the skin, which leads to frequent irritation of the face after shaving.
Common contraindications to any type of photoepilation are:

  • hypertension;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • systemic pathologies;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus (decompensated stages);
  • predisposition to keloid scars;
  • infectious diseases;
  • febrile conditions;
  • hemophilia and other diseases accompanied by coagulation disorders;
  • photodermatosis (skin diseases that lead to increased sensitivity to sunlight);
  • allergic reaction to sunlight, porphyria, SLE;
  • epilepsy, predisposition to seizures;
  • mental illness;
  • the presence in the body of electronic devices: insulin pump, pacemaker;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding (due to changes in hormonal background, the effectiveness of photoepilation is reduced)
    At the raised function of a thyroid gland and a syndrome of polycystic ovaries before carrying out IPL-epilation preliminary normalization of a hormonal background is necessary.

    Features before photoepilation

    Tanning and use of auto-tanning is not recommended 15-20 days before the planned procedure. The effect of intense light on tanned skin leads to burns.

    2-4 weeks hair can be removed only by shaving. Other methods of depilation are unacceptable, because the procedure is effective only in the presence of hair in the follicle - otherwise the absorption of light energy does not occur.

    The optimal length of epilated hair is 1-2 mm. The beautician must see the place of their growth, but with a longer length of hair during epilation burns or melts, thereby causing burns.

    What to look for after the procedure

    As a rule, for several hours after the session, the sensations persist, as in sunburn. Wound healing and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to eliminate them.

    In the initial period, the so-called false hair growth is possible, when the dead hair is pushed out of the follicle. It falls out on its own within 10-15 days.

    The first three days it is recommended to limit water treatments, to refuse to visit the pool, bath and sauna.

    It is better not to use cosmetics on the treated area for about 5-7 days.

    You cannot sunbathe for 20-25 days. When forced under the sun, it is necessary to apply sunscreen with a high level of protection against ultraviolet light.

    No hair removal methods other than shaving should be used during the IPL hair removal course.

    We take care about your beauty and health. Therefore, we recommend to consult with a specialist to determine individual contraindications.
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