Коррекция целлюлита

Anti Cellulite Combination of 2 Treatments

Cellulite Correction in Miami

Cellulite correction – removing fat without surgery and pain is possible, thanks to Bionexis Zemits.

Orange peel is the most offensive nickname for cellulite.
In spite of the fact that its presence is a physiological norm, it takes away self confidence from us.

Borsalo Med Spa aesthetic medicine Hallandale beach Miami will select an individual treatment plan and will tell you how to quickly remove cellulite without surgery

What is cellulite?

Structure of Cellulite Photo Hallandale Miami - Borsalo Med Spa
These are disorders that occur in the cells of the subcutaneous and adipose tissue layer. Violation of microcirculation, deterioration of lymph outflow lead to the formation of dimples and bumps.

Zemits Bionexis and CoolRestore

Two factors are needed to effectively remove cellulite - experienced doctor and high quality equipment. Our doctors work on unique system Zemits.

Zemits is an effective FDA registered technology that perfectly removes cellulite and corrects most imperfections of skin:
  • Cellulite removal without surgery
  • Correction of body fat
  • Fighting excess weight
  • Removal of stretch marks and scars.
For the longest lasting effect and guaranteed result, we use an integrated approach to cellulite treatment. Combination vacuum Bionexis roller massage and CoolRestore cryotherapy.

CelluliteTreatment Before and After Photo

Cellulite Treatment on Back of Legs Before and After Photos Hallandale Miami - Borsalo Med Spa
Anti Cellulite Procedure on Thighs Before and After Photos Fort Lauderdale Miami - Borsalo Med Spa

Bionexis apparatus

Vacuum roller massage provides maximum lymphatic drainage effect due to 5 technologies. Every technology affects to specific problem.

  • Thus, professional cellulite treatment takes place, don't correction of only visible imperfections.
  • Radiofrequency lifting provides a non-surgical lifting or skin lifting, toning and collagen stimulation.
  • Mechanical massage rollers effectively grip fold the skin and break up fat cells.
  • Infrared radiation triggers the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improve the access of oxygen and trace elements to cells.
  • LED radiation stimulates tissues, carry out prevention tissue stretching
  • Negative pressure accelerates lymph flow and excretion of excess liquids.

Cold therapy CoolRestore

Cryotherapy or cold therapy successfully correct local body fat. Cold therapy tightens the skin and removes cellulite in a non-invasive non-surgical way.

For each of our patients, the doctor selects an individual protocol for cellulite treatment.

  • Cryo. 15-30 minutes of cold therapy at a temperature of -18`C. Improves muscle tone, carries out a lifting effect, removes pigmentation and stretch marks.
  • Smart. Shock thermal therapy, which alternately uses heat and cold. Skin exposure to heat and cold restores normal blood microcirculation and effectively removes fat cells.

Benefits of Zemits Cellulite Treatment

  • Non-surgical cellulite removal and fat correction deposits
  • There is no rehabilitation period
  • Painless
  • Result after 1 procedure

  • Pregnancy
  • Oncology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • Allergy to cold
    We take care about your beauty and health. Therefore, we recommend to consult with a specialist to determine individual contraindications.
    Borsalo Med Spa aesthetic medicine Hallandale beach Miami guarantees safety and 100% result of each procedure.

    Cellulite correction – entrust us your body and we will relieve you of imperfections quickly and without pain.

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