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Facial Oxygen Therapy: Skin Rejuvenation in Miami
Needle - free facial oxygen therapy with VivaFacial.Various types of beauty injections are highly demanded nowadays. Everyone in their twenties or fifties wants to look fresh and young. And thanks to advanced aesthetics, less and less people decide to go with plastic surgery, but prefer less invasive and more holistic treatments.

Non- invasive oxygen mesotherapy or oxygen therapy is a unique way to eliminate imperfections and preserve youthful skin for a long time.

Borsalo Med Spa guarantees great results after each oxygen rejuvenation treatmentcourse.
Crow's feet
Dull complexion
Signs of aging
Under eye dark circles
Ptosis of the eyelids
Enlarged pores
Dry Skin
Sun Damage
Oxygen Needle-Free
Ulevate VivaFacial
Ulevate VivaFacial advantages
Oxygen therapy or oxygen mesotherapy is a newest type of skin rejuvenation method using Ulevate VivaFacial. Enrichment oxygen cells allows you to restore metabolism in cells, improve microcirculation of blood and start regeneration processes.

After oxygen therapy, skin looks young and fresh again, thanks to the Ulevate nano-molecularoxygen therapy technology.
Ulevate VivaFacial is a unique technology that transforms the skin. This technique was created on the basis of scientific research in the field professional cosmetology.
Ulevate VivaFacial oxygen therapy provides a deep moisturizing of different layers of the dermis, cell rejuvenation. We use only pure oxygen and highly concentrated serum with organic composition.
Ulevate contains 97% pure oxygen saturated antioxidants, vitamins and peptides.
We don't use the injection method of administering cocktails. Organic serums are gently absorbed into the skin using unique hand-pieces tips.
100% safe procedure.
Suitable for all ages, genders and skin types.
99% no side effects.
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Eliminate wrinkles
Removal of pigmentation
Acne treatment
Face rejuvenation
Lifting effect
Improving skin condition from the inside
Radiant, healthy complexion
Results of non-invasive skin lifting
The combination of oxygen and biologically active substances allows transform the skin of the face from the inside. This is not just a cosmetic procedure aimed at eliminating surface imperfections.

Ulevate oxygen therapy is a modern approach to a comprehensive treating the skin from the inside.
The principle of the Oxygen Mesotherapy Treatment
The essence of oxygen therapy is to provide a large amount of oxygen to different layers of the dermis. High speed of cocktail feeding into cells provides sufficient oxygenation of the skin.

The cells are enriched with oxygen, is restored oxygen exchange in tissues. Cell saturation occurs in skin, the rejuvenation process takes place.

The oxygen stream improves the permeability of the cell walls. This means that the skin absorbs a large amount of biologically active substances (BAS) from the cocktail.
Briefly about oxygen therapy
30-60 min
average time of procedure
2-4 weeks
between the treatments to enhance the effect
1-8 procedures
are recommended as a treatment corse
No downtime
No discomfort
VivaFacial consists of five steps:
1. VivaPeel
3. RejuLevate
4. CryoLevate
5. OxyLevate
2. FlowLevate
Oxygen Exfoliation with unique spinning crystal tip. No chemical peel and no vacuum, only pure oxygen rejuvenation peeling. Rosacea is NOT a contraindication. Non-intrusive procedure that treats most sensitive skin.
Pure Oxygen Pulses Non-invasive oxygen mesotherapy helps to infuse active serums into the skin. Rejuvenating and restorative treatment naturally enhances the inner skin glow.
Cooling Skin Rejuvenation Increases inner oxygen circulation and stimulates an immune response. Boosts collagen production and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Pure Oxygen Dome The highly concentrated 95-97% pure oxygen flow infuses the entire face and neck area with rejuvenating power of O2 and holistic products.
Oxygen Infusion -This treatment results in instant skin hydration and oxygenation with pure oxygen flow. The high pressure of oxygen pushes macromolecular mixture of O2 and serum deeper into the skin. Cooling, toning and refreshing look right after the treatment.
We take care about health of each of our patients. Therefore, before any procedure, we recommend to consult with esthetician. It necessary to establish the individual needs of your skin and identifying possible contraindications
Oxygen therapy is a safe procedure that has practically no contraindications. However, those that exist should be considered as carefully as possible:
Allergy to the components of the meds
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