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Laser Scar Removal
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Laser scar removal in Borsalo med spa

Scar removal is an important step in skin rejuvenation. Non-surgical method of scar removal with Venus Versa apparatus and Viva attachment is yours ideal assistant to preserve youth.

Skilled aesthetists will help you to remove scars quickly and permanently in Borsalo Med Spa aesthetic medicine Hallandale beach Miami. Trust your health only to professionals.

What is a scar?

A scar is a trace of a healed wound. The more careful was the approach to tissue healing, the more invisible the scar becomes. It is usually convex, discolored and clearly stands out against the background of the normal epidermis.

The presence of a scar worsens the quality of life and takes away self-confidence. For example, don't many women after a cesarean section can afford bikini.
The duration of the session and the course of skin treatment depends on the type of scar:

  • Normotrophic. Average duration of scar treatment is 2 session.
  • Hypertrophic. The duration is determined based on individual characteristics of the scar and skin. Is the most complex view.
  • Atrophic. Removal of scars takes 1-3 procedures on average.
  • Keloid. Keloid scars become less by 30% after 1 session after laser removal.
Удаление рубцов

Venus Versa. The essence of the procedure

Laser scar removal with Venus Versa apparatus and Viva attachment turns a routine into a work of art.

Venus Viva skin resurfacing treatments work on tiny pins. They transfer heat safely through the surface of the skin.

As a result of Viva nozzle is microdermal wounds. After a short time, they become crusted, which quickly disappear.

Due to minimal mechanical damage to skin cells, laser scar removal is much more convenient than traditional methods. The efficiency increases, and the rehabilitation period and risks are reduced to zero.

We believe that every person deserves to be beautiful and confident in yourself. The best way to remove scars is to use innovative technology of the Venus Versa.

Stages of scar correction

Consultation. The most important stage in preparation for any beauty procedure. Only an experienced specialist will determine the scar type and protocol deletion.

Anesthesia. Despite the fact that the laser removal procedure scarring is almost painless, we take care of your comfort. Therefore, we apply an anesthetic cream for patients with sensitive skin.

Laser exposure. Laser removal takes very little time and doesn't require a rehabilitation period. This will allow you not change your life after the procedure.

Sedative. We apply a soothing cream, to help tissues quickly recover. Thus, scar treatment will be faster and easier.

Features of laser scar removal

20-40 minutes. The length of a scar treatment session depends on the type of scar and its size.

Keloid and hypertrophic scars are less amenable to correction, therefore can take up more sessions. Exact length the course of scar treatment can be said by an esthetician, after consultation.

Safety. Venus Versa with Viva handpiece is designed for the all skin features. It is safe for cells, doesn't leave scars and burns.

Artificial Intelligence. Intensity and frequency of exposure controlled by a computer program. This excludes medical error during the scar removal procedure.

Lack of a rehabilitation period. One of the main advantages of laser scar correction - no need special training. No special recovery is required.
photorejuvenation before and after
photorejuvenation before and after

  • Oncology
  • Diabetes
  • Dermatitis in the acute stage
  • Infectious and inflammatory processes
  • Viral diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Fresh tan
    Your health is important to us!
    Therefore, before the scar removal procedure, we recommend consult with specialist.
    Any procedure for rejuvenation and beauty will be perfect if it will be done by an experienced specialist using high-quality equipment.

    Borsalo Med Spa aesthetic medicine Hallandale beach Miami consists of a combination of experience and professionalism, so necessary in skin treatment.

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