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Scientific and beauty uses of breast milk

Scientific and beauty uses of breast milk
Borsalo MED SPA | Scientific studies support that breast milk is the best food for babies, but its use goes far beyond being a source of nutrients for the first months or years of life.

Breast milk also has other uses, some surprising enough. But that little is being adopted around the world:

from up defenses transplant patients to be excellent for removing makeup.

Do you know the benefits to science that breast milk have? We invite you to read them below.

Curious uses of breast milk for science:

Breastfeeding a baby is the most natural thing in the world but the milk produced by mothers can also help treat all kinds of conditions, besides being useful for everyday tasks.

Do you want to know what the alternative uses of breast milk are?

It can remove makeup: Breast milk is used to clean the face and remove makeup. And nourish the skin at the same time.
To treat warts: If breast milk is placed on a wart for a prolonged time, this will dry up and later you will be able to discard it.
Itching: Apply milk on insect bites, rashes and hives chickenpox, it helps relieve the itching.
Minor Wounds: It has been found that, using breast milk on wounds, cuts or small scratches, prevents infection and heals faster.
Colds: A drink of milk helps reduce the severity of a cold and speeds the recovery. It also relieves sore throats.
Contact lens solution: Breast milk can replace liquid solution in which contact lenses are allowed.
Moisture: Instead of using expensive creams, breast milk is an excellent moisturizer for the skin.
Medical uses of breast milk:
We know that breast milk can replace some products that we use daily or helps us feel better. But there are some uses that could save lives.

Severe burns: The application of breast milk on serious burns helps speed healing and protects the skin.
Transplant patients: Those who receive organ transplants must take drugs that suppress the immune system to prevent rejection. 
Breast milk helps antibodies against infectious diseases to form.
Cancer patients: Like who are transplanted, many cancer treatments include the use of immunosuppressant’s. 
Breast milk, creates a layer of immunity. In addition, it is believed that some of their compounds can kill cancer cells.
Nutrition: Although its primary use is food for babies, people suffering from heart, kidney disease. Or allergies can benefit from the complete nutrition that delivers breast milk.
Did you see how amazing breast milk is?

Do you know of alternative to use breast milk?