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On the off chance that you could accumulate a rundown of all the skin health management conditions named after nourishment and beverages, you’d have an astounding measure of things in your kitchen verified. Those small red moles on your chest and back are brazenly called cherry angiomas. The espresso shaded spots you’ve had inked on apparently arbitrary pieces of your body since your first day of life are named bistro au lait macules (however you presumably call them skin pigmentations). Also, those little dark spots that are speckled all over your calves and thighs? That is an instance of strawberry legs.

What causes strawberry legs?

Named after—you got it—the presence of strawberries’ skin, strawberry legsare ordinarily portrayed by little dark dabs on the legs and, contingent upon the reason, an adjustment in the surface of the skin, says Marisa Garshick, M.D., F.A.A.D., a dermatologist situated in New York City.
There’s nobody single situation that is completely liable for making your legs seem as though they’re sprinkled with little poppyseeds. In any case, regularly, it comes down to an augmented appearance of the hair follicle or stopped up pores, says Dr. Garshick. There could even be more than one factor within reach. “Now and then it’s a mix of numerous situations,” she says. “Although you’re ready to coax it out into various conditions, a few people wind up having a cover.”

The most effective method of getting Rid of Strawberry Legs:

Your gameplan for handling strawberry legsall relies upon the reason. In case you’re managing keratosis pilaris or dirty comedones, your smartest option is to peel the skin and whisk away the dead skin cells and gunk, says Dr. Garshick. “What’s significant, however, isn’t simply disposing of the dead skin cells by utilizing a brutal scour, as the skin gets aggravated effectively,” she includes. “On the off chance that you utilize a brutal scour. it would conceivably aggravate it.” Instead, she suggests utilizing a delicate exfoliator, for example, Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash (Buy It, $6, or the Glytone KP Kit (Buy It, $68,, a twoadvance unit containing a glycolic corrosive concoction peeling body wash and saturating body cream to utilize postshower.

The most effective method to Prevent Strawberry Legs:

Much the same as body hair, skin inflammation, and spots, strawberry legsmight be only one of your completely ordinary physical highlights—and there’s no explanation you can’t shake that small skirt. However, if the appearance annoys you, and you need to make them less observable or dispose of them inside and out, you have a couple of choices.