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7 bad habits that causes wrinkles and you should avoid

7 bad habits that causes wrinkles and you should avoid
Borsalo MED SPA: Wrinkles come with the passage of time, it is true, but can also appear by our actions.

The passage of the years is inexorable and we cannot do anything against that, but yes we can control our habits!

Look, these are the ones who are preying on the softness of your face and you should avoid.

1. You pull the skin of your eyelids while you:

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. If you pull it while doing your makeup you will achieve that the small capillaries ignite and get broken and filled with wrinkles.

The best to prevent this problem is to use a lip liner that slides easily and will ensure good results in a single pass.

2.  Using sunscreen when traveling in the car:

People who drive long time and do not use sunscreen are at equal risk of wrinkles than those exposed to the sun unprotected deliberately.

Also, and what is worse, the risk of skin cancer multiplies!

3. Removing your makeup aggressively:

“As I said before, the skin around the eyes is very vulnerable. So we must be very careful when makeup is removed”.

It should be done gently and without scratching, because a careless attitude can cause the vessels to break, inflammation … and wrinkles.

4. You sleep facing down or sideways:

Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent sleep wrinkles. If you cannot do it, find a satin cover to avoid cotton which is much more abrasive.

5. You use the same cream form 5 years ago:

As time passes, your skin needs will change. It is important that you consider this transformation when choosing your moisturizer. Make sure it is the most suitable for the stage you are living!

6. You sit too close to the computer screen:

 “Squinting constantly when you sit at the computer produces fine wrinkles around the eyes”.

To prevent these appear, it is recommended to lower the brightness and be 60 centimeters from the screen with the neck straight.

This way you also will get rid of the horizontal wrinkles that often arise in that area.

7. You forget to visit your optician

If you have vision problems, you’d better not let go of the annual visit to your ophthalmologist. 

If you stop doing all these things, you will delay the appearance of wrinkles. Assume control of your actions!